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Tucson, AZ

 10/5/2011 1 Check-in Here


I have had many massages.  A lot very good, a few excellent, one VERY bad (and I posted about it on Yelp).  This was the first massage I'd had in 8 months due to an injury sustained from a massage elsewhere.  Let's just say I've been a little shy about massage.  But, to my very pleseant suprise this place offers not only an incredible head to toe massage, but also incredible ambiance to go with it.  

My husband and I frequent Catalina Island but never scheduled a massage.  There were quite a few options out there to chose from and you can get cards/flyers for a bunch out on the pier.  This is where we found out about it as well.  We walked to the boutique hotel where it's located (very cool place as well), were greeted kindly, offered water and we scheduled the appointment a couple hours later.  We returned, were greeted by the therapists and off we went (oh, did I mention that my husband and I scheduled a couples massage).  There was a flat screen TV on in the room that provided the only light and it was set on scenic images to go with the music...it was very nice.  The sheets had to be like a zillion thread count because they were the nicest sheets I've ever felt.  Every detail was covered.  I could literally go on and on and on about the massage and the experience.  The main therapist who runs Avalon Massage Therapy and her friend who did my massage are....let's just say, very skilled.  Very highly skilled and very experienced.  It was the best massage I've ever had, without a doubt.  It was relaxing, but it was also invigorating.  When they say it's 60 minutes...it's actually 60 minutes of massage.  Real massage without a bunch of strange fillers like you get so many other places.

We found a 10% off coupon down by the pier but elected not to use it.  This massage was worth every penny and we both felt after it was over that we didn't want to ask her to discount.  So, I guess you can look for that.  But, if you don't find it, trust us when we say that you more than get your money's worth.

We recommend with two giant foam thumbs up!

Henderson, NV


I live in Vegas and have plenty of places to go for a massage, so finding one on vacation that stacked up to what I'm used to could have been a chore.  Well, Avalon Massage is a wonderful little spa on Catalina island.  I purchased a couples massage for my wife and myself and everything was perfect.  There were plenty of places to pick from on Catalina island, I'm glad we found this place for our first pick because we will definitely return without taking chances on finding the right place.